Hi guys!
Welcome to my channel, I’m Antoinette a New Zealander living in Germany.
In this video I share some of my favourite cheap but good quality beauty products.

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  1. Alverde is my favorite brand. I live in the US and organic cosmetics are so expensive here! So I stock up on Alverde when I’m in Germany and bring it home. I can’t believe how cheap it is. It’s actually not just natural but basically organic. There’s no organic certification for cosmetics in Europe yet but if you look at the ingredients, you’ll see that most of them are organic and you’ll see that there is a natural cosmetics seal on them that is actually really legit

  2. I love DM so much. I basically stock up on things whenever I home. Love the alverde line. Here in France, I can either get quality like chanel for 50 Euros or I get something cheap which is then bad quality and gets kicked out the next time I sort through.

  3. Dear Antoinette, for the sake of your skin I would recommend you discontinue the Alverde products. Both of them contain high amounts of alcohol, the second worst thing you can do to your skin (apart from UV exposure which is even worse). There are many very good, inexpensive products at dm or Rossmann that are alcohol-free and unscented. Much better for the skin.

  4. "Kein"??? No, certainly not. 😂 It’s supposed to be French, German "Si-en" or English "C-N". I’m also pretty shure it’s not "Olverdiii", the "Al" in "Alverde" is the emphasized syllable and the "e" at the end is a German e.

  5. i really enjoyed video, because im coming to germany next month, so you gave me an idea of the inexpensive but quality stuff to buy. i hope you will make more videos like these. Can you make another video about the Spirit perfume? im really curious about it because i also like fragrances that are cheap but quality. Im from Philippines☺️💕

  6. Perfektes Video für uns. Vielen Dank. Mein koreanischen Freundin will eine gute Tagescreme. Anti altern – Feuchtigkeitscreme ohne den Sonnenblocker. Kannst du irgendwelche empfehlen bitte? Wir leben jetzt in Neu York, USA. Sind sie auf Amazon verfügbar? Mach’s gut, prost

  7. Is that fake tan wash off the end of the day? Or it stays for days and wear off slowly?? I really wanna try fake tanning like this but I don’t know what to get, have no idea about these stuff. I tanned few times in solarium years ago but I never liked it. The side effects aside, the smell and I get these 2 lines across my butt lol, so yeah, I don’t want to harm my skin with that, extremely unhealthy.

  8. Good on you for making this video!! I reckon it’s a massive waste if money spending money on the expensive stuff. I just wish we could get them in NZ!!!

  9. Alverde is generally good, and so cheap for a natural line! I think it’s pronounced something like Al-VER-duh. I agree the haircare isn’t very good, but the face and body care is, and I really like their matte chubby stick lipstick and their toothpaste. Actually, all the German drugstore natural house brands are okay, like Alterra (Rossman) and Terra Naturi (Müller). Lavera costs slightly more but is also very good.

    My favourite German makeup brand is Catrice, which is so affordable. The Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer is quickly becoming a cult product and I think it costs 3.95 EUR. There are also some bargains to be had with Essence and Trend It Up (DM).

  10. I love the "Soft Dusche" from Rossmann, it has a pH 5,5 (like our skin) and it costs less than a euro. I normally use two of them in a month so it is really cheap.
    And I love the Aloe Vera face wash from AOK, I think they cost about 4€ and I love them, they made my skin so much better😍

  11. Dear Antoinette
    i totally agree with furzkram. Its funny, i think. Why are those products so expensive in NZ??Or why are they so cheap here? Does anyone knows?

  12. All right, here we go: I used to send "Kneipp" Aroma-Pflegedusche "Lebensfrude" to my wife. She loved it. It has a lemony aroma. And last year my stepdaughter came across it. She liked it, too. And so do the kids. I have to provide them with it from germany. ‘Cause it’s 2,75€ here, available at Rossmann, Budnikowsky, and I bet also at dm or any other supermarkets. In the US IT IS available, yes! But there they charge you 14$ for the same size bottle 😉
    Give it a try. Kneipp is a well recommended brand from Switzerland. Dr. Kneipp was the inventor of the washing yourself with alternating cold and hot water (in one session) to stimulate blood circulation in the skin.
    About the pronounciation of "Cien": try a german z instead of the c. Zien like the german word "ziehen". And forget to pronunce the h with it. That should work. But I know the problems with the german z. A long time friend of mine (for 37yrs, now) is english. I’d love you to try to pronounce "zwischen"=between. Don’t get depressed. HE is still not able to do it

  13. Haha, I also have 100€ bottles of perfumes I’m a junkie but I definitely love these cheap good perfumes from the dm and rossmann!

  14. Meist cheap german parfumbrands are aktually google super of high priced perfumes like chanel, dior, lancome, thierry mugler…
    Oh yn you have to try the perfumes of the brand la rive: its a polnisch brand and make nearly perfekt dupes.
    I own dupes of Armani, cacharel, dior, paco rabanbe , Angel…..

  15. love this video! super helpful, I have just moved to Germany from New Zealand 6 weeks ago, and when I went to buy facewash, make up etc I was a bit lost so thank you, definitely going to try some of these products!!

  16. Alverde is pronounced: Al-ver-deh 😊

    And I agree, Germany has many affordable beauty goodies and they’re even getting better at it! They almost have a duplicate for everything that is well-known and on the expensive side. Dm even makes great bath bombs for less then 1€ it ranges from 1-3€, instead of buying from lush. And many other beauty items. Not only drugstore brands started making duplicates but even dm or rossmann’s own line starting to come out with same products for cheaper price.

  17. Germany is paradise for beauty products ..very cheap compared to the rest of Europe…. dm is fantastic: great store, great philosophy, great employer! Germany is lucky to have dm which sets the standards for all the competitors in the market! (like Rossman and Müller, which are good too). Even great fragrances like Calvin Klein are sold at very reasonable prices.. no need to see a duty free shop in Germany!

  18. Consider reading ingredients, as with all cosmetics, household cleaners, processed foods, drinks, etc.

  19. Plz suggest me face serum for extreme dry skin… And body lotion and remove dark spots on your legs and arm….. Plz help me

  20. I found your channel because I was searching for what to bring for my hospital bag, I’m due in December in Germany. My husband is german as well! I’m here alone, I’ve lived in Kiel for 3 years and moved to Berlin this year so I don’t even have friends here yet.
    It’s my first born, after 2 losses. I’m having a C-section and I’m a high risk pregnancy with lots of complications, but I got the jest of it in that video of what to bring. I also thought of a pull bag (that I already own) to put my things in, but I can’t help with these cute bags on amazon lol, but I’m debating on wether I should get one or not as I don’t travel. Now thinking, we might have road trips or trips to water parks in the summer so I will get use out of it, if I bought but but I dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol.

    Ever since that video (which is an old video of you) I’ve been hooked on your channel and watching multiple on and on. I love your personality and I see myself in you a lot.

  21. My favorite fast-dry Nail Polish Top Coat is from Lacura by Aldi Süd – about 2 € and it makes every nail polish dry SO fast. The only other polish which can compare is by essie for about 8 €

  22. You would LOVE the newer NZ made products that are available here now. Brands like Essano, Goodness and eco store are all natural and super nourishing . Also it’s affordable for NZ I feel. I also like the Australian natural products that we get here, also at good prices.

  23. I’m going to Germany soon for a school trip thank you so much I now know what to buy thank you! Xx

  24. Now, from a pragmatic man’s point of view, let me summarize:
    You need stuff BEFORE putting on make-up,
    then the make-up ITSELF,
    then stuff to REMOVE the make-up again.
    Plus stuff to look tanned before getting the tan naturally when spring and summer come.

    I sees some more saving potential there, to be honest …


  25. I love that perfume 🙂 and Alverde is amazing! Just bought their Adventscalendar as it was so good last year 😀 and let’s not forget Balea..their products saved my wallet when I first came to Germany and was a pretty broke student 😉 Loved the video! ♥️

  26. I’ve never tried the alverde products, I feel like I should give them a try.
    Seriously, I’ve been wondering how to pronounce "Cien" forever! I have no clue which way is correct but I always went with the French pronunciation (like si-en).
    I’d add essence to your list, I really like their cosmetics especially the mascaras are great and sooo cheap!

  27. I really like the Mineral hydro makeup from Alverde and the Garnier SkinActive Hautklar 3 in 1 Tonerde. Thanks to this duo I rarely break out anymore. Another great product is the superfine eyeliner from Essence, it stays on equally as good as more expensive brands and one pen (ca. 2€) lasts for months.

  28. Ohhh! I am so homesick for Swakopmund in Namibia. There is a very large, long-standing, and influential German population there and, as such, many of products are imported from Germany. Just seeing the German names and descriptions is so nostalgic. Love German pharmacies with their ranges of wonderful smelling, high quality products.

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