The Best Beauty Products At Walmart Under $10!

The Best Beauty Products At Walmart Under $10!

Welcome to another #BootyGuwu video! 😀 Today I share my favorite drugstore beauty products from Walmart! Affordable drugstore skin care, hair care and body care that is natural, sulfate free, silicone free, and under $10, enjoy 😀

Maui Moisture Shampoo:
Maui Moisture Conditioner:
Love Beauty And Planet Conditioner:
Love Beauty And Planet Shampoo:
Cantu Leave In Conditioner:
Cantu Custard:
Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Gel:
Equate Facial Cleanser:
Alaffia Shea Butter:
Mrs. Meyer’s Bar Soap:
Spectrum Coconut Oil:
Dr. Bronner’s Organic Coconut Oil:



Disclaimer: Some of the links provided are affiliate links which provide me with commission from your purchase. Thank you for your support! :’)

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50 Replies to “The Best Beauty Products At Walmart Under $10!”

  1. I love your suggestions! The body wash was so on point also, I prefer a good bar soap also. One more thing…I LOVE YOUR HAIR! 💕

  2. Not hating on this video at all, but at least once a month you need a sulfate shampoo, to cleanse your hair properly and yes it may dry it out but it does more good than bad <3

  3. I’ve been using natural bar soap, pure shea butter, and coconut oil on my body for a few years now and it’s the best. All the benefits Penny mentioned. Less waste and better for your skin. 🙌

  4. I haven’t tried the Maui Moisture but I can verify that the Love Beauty and Planet brand is very good. It left my hair super soft and moisturized and the ingredients have lots of natural extracts without silicone, sulfates, or parabens. Would definitely recommend for people with dry hair types and/ or slightly damaged hair. Just wanted to give my review because I know Penny hasn’t tried it yet.

  5. Girl, we need someone with your honesty and attitude doing UK products review! We don’t get half of the number of products on this side of the pond.

  6. Thank you for this video it really helped. And please rate the beauty supplies for all stores! Love your beautiful curly hair!

  7. Almost every brand in there owned by a few giant corporations who have bought up everything good and possibly been watering those products down with fillers and stuff love the video doe

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  9. 2 random things—- idk if you’ve talked about this before——

    1. NEVER use head and shoulders, that literally made my dad lose almost all his hair

    2. Avoid v05, that completely peeled my scalp and left dandruff

  10. I have trouble moisturizing with coconut oil because i feel like it doesnt sink into my skin. It just makes it greasy all day

  11. I LOVE your recommendations! Thanks so much girl. I’m all about the natural life too! The two products I cannot live without right now are by the brand Nu U Skin solutions. I lather their hand and body scrub as the last step in my shower routine and it is literally the best and most natural exfoliation. Then when I get out of the shower I use their Peace and Calming body butter and literally my skin is always so soft and moisturized cannot live without these products

  12. One of the few YouTubers that knows their followers don’t have the type of money to spend $80 on an eye cream. LOVE THIS

  13. 4:26 I love the way you are more aware of the ingredients list then other people but charcoal has almost no evidence that is actually beneficial and some reports say it caused sensitivity, it also has some coconut oil and olive oil which can clog your pores, the same way on the body although it’s not as bad. btw really love your channel I think you are the cutest youtube influencer :).

  14. I like how it isn’t just a low priced item but that we are helping the environment and the animals by selecting that product. Also, we are purchasing items that actually will make our hair amd skin healthier and better. Thank you Penny for raising awareness and bringing us all that knowledge!

  15. Girl this is my first video im watching by you and youre funny af and mad pretty new subscriber 😩🥺🥰

  16. the love beauty and planet shampoo, lotion, and deodorant *thats all i have tried* are all amazing! would totally recommend!

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