Sephora Gift Sets: Skincare Edition | 7 BEST | Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Sephora Gift Sets: Skincare Edition | 7 BEST | Holiday Gift Guide 2019

BEAUTY INSIDERS SAVE $15-25 off $75, depending on your BI Tier, now through 12/17! Info Below! These are 7 of the BEST Sephora Gift Sets focused on skincare during this 2019 Holiday season to give you great value for your money! These are GREAT for travel sizes, stocking stuffers or breaking up to put into gifts or for trying several products from new brands! Thank you to Sephora for sponsoring this video! Please click the Like button if you enjoyed this video and SHARE this with someone who could benefit from it as well! Thanks for watching! 🙂

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Fresh Lip Set $44 *marked down from $48* ($74 value)

Laneige Lip Set $35 ($45 value)

Kiehl’s set $50 ($87 value)

Drunk Elephant Shelf-Respect $88 ($124 value)

(The night version):

OMG Set $50 ($98 value)

Tatcha $59 ($83 value)

Fablantis $49 ($112 value)


Cheeks (Inhibition)
Lipstick (Pillow Talk)
Gloss (Pillow Talk)

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50 Replies to “Sephora Gift Sets: Skincare Edition | 7 BEST | Holiday Gift Guide 2019”

  1. I hope you really like the Ole Henriksen set – they are some great products. Went to Sephora today to return my Hourglass Ghost Palette (I know, I’m the only one in the world that didn’t care for it – the blushes were much too warm for my skin)and wanted to buy this set, but they were sold out.

  2. I buy them 4 my sis & all my gfs then I wish I could take them all 4 myself but it’s all about giving isent it. but u have to spoil urself too I think.

  3. Have been using the D-Bronzi to darken my foundations that are light and it works great. And the Protini is my holy grail as well. Always have a backup.

  4. I’m headed to Sephora tomorrow to buy the Kiel’s set after watching this! I’ve been wanting to try the eye cream. This is a great deal!

  5. *🎄Do you buy gift set during the holiday season? For others or for yourself? Which ones have you gotten this year?🎄*

  6. I’m giving gift sets to my friends. The laneige lip set, the farmacy holiday set and the one with the 3 travel mascaras.

  7. I got that First aid beauty gift set in the VIB sale and it’s awesome! The repair cream, face wash, and lip balm were my favorites from that set. I’ve never tried first aid beauty before and absolutely love these products now. The laniege lip balms wow 😍they are so good too. Happy Holidays Stephanie!

  8. I bought the Olaplex mini hair set for my daughter for Christmas.
    Right before the discount code started. 😕
    Well maybe I need one for myself now! 😉

  9. I’m watching this video as I’m literally washing off my baby facial mask and putting on myprotein E cream and virgin marula oil. Love Drunk elephant!

  10. All great gift sets Stephanie :-)) Today is the 12th December, you are live tonight at 6pm in UK time i think lol, i will be in my work again and its my birthday also. Enjoy your live chat. xoxoxoxo

  11. Can you please do an update on what you think of the Ole Hendrickson products? I’m really curious because I actually really dislike that truth serum. It breaks me out. I tried it looking for a cheaper alternative to the drunk elephant C Firma and really regretted doing so.

  12. It’s not skincare but I think the perfume or cologne samplers from
    Sephora are amazing deals and gifts. They come with a bunch of samplers and then a coupon for a full size of whichever one the person likes best.

  13. When you tuber say they are partnering with a company what exactly does that mean? Does it mean the products you are showing us you got for free and if we click on your links to purchase them you make commission? Or does it mean you got all the products you’re showing us for free? I wish people would elaborate for their viewers.

  14. I’m creating a beauty box for my mom with all of her favorites. It’s gotten quite big and expensive!

  15. So glad you turned me on to Drunk Elephant. I do however love my Banana Bright Eye cream. The gift set I bought for my daughter is the Milk travel bag set. So cute!

  16. I have a tree with lights and 1 ornament! ( its amazing – a Chanel replica purse) tomorrow I WILL FINISH IT!! I did some online gift shopping tonight and have dived in; GOOD LUCK & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  17. Who doesn’t want a gift set from DE??? The best products. I’d definitely gift it to myself!!
    I have yet to try anything from Tatcha, except for their facial masks.
    I’m almost done holiday shopping. Won’t be giving any gift sets, but may be purchasing for myself. I usually give my girls gift cards, to either Sephora or Ulta. ❤💖

  18. I just used by Sephora offer to get my daughter the Huda Mercury Retrograde palette for Christmas and now I see the FAB gift set! I love the intensive cream and the face pads. Would love to try the other products. I guess I will be stopping there again! Thanks ~Regina~

  19. I’m waiting for my Sephora order that includes the Laneige lip set as a stocking stuffer for my son’s girlfriend. So hard to know what to get folks you don’t know well!

  20. I’m not nearly done Christmas shopping either – I moved 12 days ago and am still living out of boxes. Some of these might work to help me out with the shopping.

  21. Thanks for bringing these to my attention! The Drunk Elephant Shelf-Respect Day Kit has my name on it. 🙂

  22. Such a gorgeous sets!!! Especially Drunk Elephant, Kiehl’ and OMG set!!! Thay aren’t available in our Sephora, I would be super happy with just one of these!!!! Looking so gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  23. Yup, way behind in all aspects…for no good reason. Seriously not stressing as long as I have main gifts, some pretty lights and a nice meal with fam, I’m good 😘

  24. First Aid Beauty is a stellar brand! Excellent ingredients, so underrated! So many great products from this brand!

  25. Great video! I wish I would’ve seen it before I bought gifts for my nieces. Just curious if you’ve had any bad experiences with drunk elephant customer service. I’ve seen some not so flattering reviews.

  26. Oo I’m excited for you to try First Aid Beauty. I’ve recently fallen in love with the brand. Some tips: I cut the facial radiance pads in half (with clean scissors) because then that doubles the amount you have to use and the half is plenty big for the whole face. I also use the Ultra Repair Cream as my night cream (I’m oily dehydrated skin) and it is amazing. Just use it sparingly because you might dislike it if you slather it on. For us oily skin people, less is more with the cream. I absolutely love the cleanser for my morning cleanse because it is creamy and gentle yet gets rid of the night’s sweat/oil that my face has accumulated. Never tried the lip therapy or the serum. I also love their Pores Be Gone primer for more chill natural makeup days, since it isn’t the best at mattifying but it feels like nice skincare that makes my face more matte and poreless. Their Ultra Repair Moisturizer (not cream) is a good daytime one for oily skin. Hope this helps!

  27. I got that FAB set, and I love it! I already loved some of their products, so it was awesome to get mostly full sizes in there, and that moisturizer is a great one for me in winter, now that I’m drier!

  28. Nice info there! Your cheeks look amazing! What do you have in your them? Link took me to pillow talk for lips. Happy holidays!

  29. Would you tecommend the Nudestix Rose gold (I believe) gift set? Also, will these still be available after Xmas? I have asked for Sephora gift cards for Xmas? Love watching your videos!!

  30. I always end up buying what you recommend. I cant I can’t . I have 3 huge tubes if unused skincare I have to gift away

  31. Yet again, another wonderful video. Love the gift set ideas. I’m also loving your sweater. Do you remember where it is from?

  32. Need some advice….bought my mom the smashbox photo edit eye trio in nudie pic-light for Xmas. Now she needs a good brush set or dual ended brush so what’s your recommendation? She doesn’t do much eye makeup so something for beginners would be good.

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