My Skincare Routine, age 64/65

My Skincare Routine, age 64/65

I appreciate everyone watching. It means so much to me.


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Tretinoin: Be sure to buy from your doctor.
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Makeup today:
~Eyeshadow palette is Kylie Jenner – Blue Honey:
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~Lipstick if Buxom Poison Nectar:
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~Foundation is Lancome Stick Foundation:
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50 Replies to “My Skincare Routine, age 64/65”

  1. Hi Melissa, I love your videos and have been watching them for years. You are so beautiful, inside and out. I was wondering if you had any tips for how to keep your hands and neck looking good? I know you are a big fan of keeping yourself as strong and healthy as possible, is there anything you do to target these areas specifically? Thank you!

  2. With Crohn’s I imagine you have a strict diet? Perhaps that also contributes to your amazing skin? I’m 47 next month. I’ve used Retin a for about three years now. I’m trying to care for my skin to look like yours in 20 years! May I ask what the estrogen was intended to treat? (Please forgive that question if it’s too nosy.) 💗 you are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  3. Great video! Ladies, I have to share a great facial product. Who doesn’t want to look younger, right? The Derma Wand is an innovative skincare product that reduces signs of aging and provides a stunning facelift. It uses a technology similar to radiofrequency devices present in medical spas and doctor’s offices. I have been using mine for many years. It works. You will see results right away from the first use.

    Here is the link to purchase yours today @ order yours.

    I also include the Best DIY – Homemade Facial Cream recipe (made with natural ingredients) I have been making and using this natural recipe for more than 5 years now and will never use anything else or any store-bought facial cream again.

    All you need is the following ingredients:
    Coconut oil
    Vitamin E capsules (4 capsules)

    Supplies You Will Need:

    • Glass jar (old facial cream jar 60ml)
    • dollar store glass jar will also do the trick
    • Toothpick or small spoon to mix ingredients

    • Fill your container with coconut oil (about 2 tablespoons)
    • Microwave for 30 seconds on low in a glass jar
    • Toothpick (wooden skewer or cocktail stick would also work)
    • Once the coconut oil is melted
    • Pierce the vitamin E capsules with a sewing needle and add to the coconut oil
    • Use the toothpick to blend the two ingredients
    • Pop it in the fridge to solidify (20-30 minutes)

    To Apply: Wash your face as you normally would, remove all traces of eye makeup, foundation, face powder or concealer. Wash hands thoroughly before applying.

    Apply as you would any facial cream including the neck. Costs about 30 cents to make. Save money and look younger. I use it as a day/night cream. You will never need to buy another facial cream again.

    You will see results right away from the first use. Here is the link to purchase your Derma Wand today @ order yours.

  4. Really unbelievable that you are 65 years old. You look bright and beautiful, quite amazing.👍👍👍

  5. it not only the skin that looks good but also her facial bone structure looks really good, concidering that it erodes over time

  6. Such great energy! I love your natural!!!! It’s why you look NORMAL!!! BEAUTIFUL! I’m so tired of people watching these women that have been injected and cut. I do believe in seeing an esthetician and I swear by micro dermabrasion, when it’s done correctly.

    I’m a master esthetician of over 30 years and would love if you watch my channel Peaches Skin Care🍑

  7. I just saw a video that explained the side effects of using retin a and the number one side effect is Crohn’s disease!

  8. If one has had ovaries out and hysterectomy , the skin process accelerates dramatically so , those ladies do have to do more drastic measures to look younger. Some ladies are allergic to estrogen ( pregnant horse urine) prescription. I would not think it is a SAFE option and estrogen my aunt told me : causes breast , uterine and ovarian cancer, the rates of ovarian cancer are up dramatically as it used to be a very ‘rare ‘ disease…. so yes estrogen has some good side effects but long term maybe not so much.
    Your limbal rings are very dark , I read our limbal rings fade with age, not in your case.

    Freedom of speech & press copyrighted.

  9. Ohmy!!! You are Gorgeous Melissa💯 65?! Is that what I heard?👂W❤W unbelievable. You’re truly blessed

  10. There is no arguing with results! You look absolutely beautiful. Your skin care video speaks volumes to the 20-year old skin-care specialists with their Korean 10-step program! No moisturizer? I hate moisturizer! It weighs down my skin and at 63 I certainly don’t need anything to help gravity! Thank you so much for posting.

  11. Ok like do you ever age girl??? I know good no amazing genes right!! I thought I’ve been lucky with my blessed good genes from my parents but you are just blowing it away! Such a simple quick skincare routine it’s nice to see cause so many use like 101 steps daily who has that kind of time? I’ve never tried Obagi and have only heard good things about it but I am revamping my skincare routine being in my 50’s now so maybe I’ll look closer towards some Obagi I’ll read up about it….. thankx for sharing xx Dee

  12. Estrogen can cause melasma. I can’t touch any hormone because of it. I’m 35 with no wrinkles but pigmentation is horrible.

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