50 Replies to “Make Up FAVES from ALIEXPRESS !!!”

  1. U’re so funny and you made me laugh🤣🤣🤣 thank you so much for sharing your Aliexpress experience😘 i throw love to you through the internet❤

  2. The lipsticks are really nice.They look creamy.That highlighter is beautiful.I am going to order the highlighter and lipsticks..The lip tint is perfect for blush..I like the Coral palette and the last palette…You look beautiful Anwen!!!! Thank you for sharing your favourites with us..Great video!!! I enjoyed watching 🍭💕⭐️👍🏻

  3. Check out the fruit pie filling palette by ucanbe its amazing next on my list is the spotlight palette by ucanbe🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this. I’m trying to order the 3rd highlighter, but I can’t make our what you’re saying and there isn’t a link. Cama something?? Thanks! Ps. Shop Miss A has a fabulous beauty sponge for $1.55 with partial proceeds to charity. It is SO soft and squishy!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thanks Anwen. You look lovely, as usual. I love how you switch between understated looks and full on “I don’t give a shit” looks.c you look lovely, as usual. I love how you switch between understated looks and full on “I don’t give a shit“ looks. I love your sense of humour. Xx 💜🛌

  6. Hi 🙂 . Look what I found on Ali, you know how they describe their products: HOJO 12 Color Aristocratic Painting Eyeshadow Palette Shimmer Matte Pigmented Eye Shadow Powder Makeup Glitter Crystal Eyeshadow.
    Looks interesting, I ordered the color number 3 😁.

  7. I’ve been super busy the past 2 months, so it’s been a while since the last time I watched one of your videos.
    I’ve missed you so much, you always make my days 😘

  8. Im still waiting on my focallure products. Im dying to get those highlighters and i even ordered all the colors. I have a feeling its going to be my favorite highlighter and i have about 100 prob or more no lie. Im in love with collecting them and its gotten ridiculous. You have gotten me into allie express and i cant thank you enough. They really have some gems for makeup lovers who want bold pieces at great prices!

  9. Thanks for the video babe♥️ That golw highlighter would be on my wishlist🥰

    Yes i’m very agree, you can find gem on Aliexpress

  10. I love how you say treat yourself, like okay I will buy some on aliexpress right now😂😊 love ur videos ❤️

  11. I cant find anything unless it is typed. Rewound it at least 3 times but… U can be queen supreme lipstick is it?

  12. Anwen! Your clip from this video on the Chocofusion pallett is on the official UCanBe stores advert for the chocofusion pallet itself!!!!!

  13. Oooh kinda want to buy that glitter palette. I want to get into using glitter for my eye makeup, does anyone know if I still need to use some kind of glitter primer/base if I buy that glitter eyeshadow palette?

  14. Here I am imagining the pure joy of me washing all of Anwen’s makeup brushes clean…if I were living in the same place as Anwen, I would’ve volunteered to clean all her brushes…

  15. 42! I am the answer to life the universe and everything. I am glad I am wearing my best and only dressing gown for this news.

  16. Hi anwen, can you recommend a really good highlighter please? It’s a gift and it needs to be blinding haha! Would appreciate your input, thanks x

  17. I actually use the golw highlight instead of my all time favourite rodeo drive from ofra. That says a lot! Trust me you will not be disappointed in this highlighter

  18. Have you check UCANBE Spotlight? I don’t have any big palettes I mean really colourful one and I got my eyes on Spotlight 😍 I hope you will review that one 😉

  19. Heeelloo 😉! What mascara do you were in this video? (I know you have some numbers of it, and I love mascaras too)

  20. Anwen I notice you rarely purchase blush products from aliexpress so maybe you can add that to your list? Love your videos always!!💗

  21. I think you don’t "need" to keep buying fake bb if you don’t want to. I have bought many beauty sponges from aliexpress, both fake bb and others and I have many that I love just as much as the fakes but are either unbranded or from aliexpress brands.

  22. I just stumbled on you today and you are AMAZING! Keep these videos coming! There is only one problem though… I am African so I am not able to buy the same kinds of products as you most of the time. Is there any black youtuber with a similar content as yours? That will be hard to find because your personality screams AUTHENTIC. If you know any though, do let me know. Hi internet if you know a black youtuber with a similar content, please let me know. Thank you!

  23. Just subscribed!!! Your videos are so entertaining and you’re so beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to watch more !!!

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