Elf hydrating booster drops
Up and up kids mineral lotion
Duke Cannon bloody knuckles
Neutrogena norwegian formula
Neutrogena hydroboost body lotion
Aveeno cracked skin relief CICA balm
No 7 CICA rescue paste
La Roche Posay Cicaplast baume
No 7 protect and perfect advanced serum
Petroleum jelly
Tom’s of Maine Silly strawberry
hello Kids Watermelon toothpaste (SLS free)

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  1. Perioral dermatitis was absolutely the worst thing my skin has ever experienced. I stopped using toothpaste with Fluoride and it cleared up. It is a nightmare trying to find a good toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride in it. It has been 10 years since I have had a breakout now so for me it was the culprit! I have super sensitive skin that tends to have meltdowns pretty quickly. Propylene glycol is a facial skin issue for me as well. Have you seen people having allergic reactions to this as a Dermatologist? I saw a Dermatologist for year, you guys save people’s lives I swear. I was so miserable with the skin issues until I was able to manage it with the help of my Derm Doctor.

  2. Straight petroleum jelly saved me from a horrible flare of perioral dermatitis. The TINIEST amount applied in a light, downward motion. But nothing else — cleanse with warm filtered water.

  3. Can you please do a review of Skin Kick? It has really great reviews from customers but it looks like it’s just essential oils. I want to know the real deal.

  4. dimethicone is really bad for your hair. As a hairstylist, I tell clients to stay away, it builds up on hair and damages. Is dimethicone ok for body? I noticed it was in that Aveno product you picked up.

  5. Went to the store and got Cetaphil thinking it was the other product you mentioned starting with a C… Ceruve something like that.. well since I got the Cetaphil is that a good product ?

  6. Dr. Dray thank you for sharing your knowledge and educating us, just got back from Target, and knew precisely what I am looking for, neutrogena fragrance free creamy cleanse, cerave ointment, cerave AM SPF 30, also bought a sun hat a putting sunscreen on like crazy, THANK YOUUUUUU

  7. has anybody actually tried the up and up kids sunscreen? i just bought it because dr. dray recommended it but when i checked the reviews it has really bad reviews and mostly everybody got a rash from it and im scared to put it on my face because i have eczema prone sensitive skin.

  8. Elf has bumped up their prices. I remember when EVERYTHING was 1-3 dollars and that’s it. They have brush sets for 30-40$ now😵

  9. Hi there great review. Always luv to see your shopping adventures. Theres a skin care brand that you already reviewed on the Versed products which is sold in target. You reviewed some of them. I really would like to see what you think on there gentle retinol serum, and there weekened glow daily brightening. solution. You didn’t mentioned those on the review you did. Appreciate a response thank you God Bless

  10. Flouride is a poison which shuts down the pineal gland ——– designed to dumb down the population and shorten your life.

  11. Xylitol toothpaste with no SLS for those with perioral dermatitis. I love brand Xyliwhite. And YES to the kiddy flavors!

  12. The kids sunscreen you recommended has horrible reviews on targets website. Hundreds of people saying it broke them out in a rash. I went to buy it after your recommendation but now I’m confused. What’s causing that reaction?

  13. Pure lanolin found in baby section (for nursing moms — to apply to nipples) is a miracle for chapped lips!

  14. ohhh i know a girl at work who always uses eos the round one and she has like red Irritated lips. that is probably why .

  15. I’ve found that the Vaseline Lip Therapy feels completely different than normal Vaseline. It’s way thicker and a little tacky and less oily.

  16. I was hoping she’d go over some acne washes. As a teen my pediatrician prescribed Epiduo which got rid of maybe 3/4 of the acne on my face and made me go from completely covered in acne to looking like a normal oily faced teen. Anyway, had to switch insurance, so Epiduo became prohibitively expensive… so in college I just switched to an OTC benzoyl peroxide wash which works almost as well as the Epiduo did but instead of $100 a bottle it’s like $10… but my chest and back seem to always be full of acne and nothing seems to help. I thought it might be laundry soap even and went to free and clear stuff… nope. Went on birth control… nope… Silly me, I thought acne was just something I’d outgrow after I finished puberty… nope. I’m nearly 30 years old and my back is just the same as it was when I was 16….

  17. Ok, had to stop video near beginning cause you had me laughing. This company must have bought a lot of mushrooms and just put them in there 🤣🤣🤣. Sometimes your comments crack me up.😂

  18. Aquaphor makes a flat tip squeeze tube applicator that’s great. Also you should recommend more vanicream products over certaphil. They’re much cleaner

  19. That’s why I don’t like Target they got floor walkersthey follow you all around the store when you hold things too long they think you’re trying to steal

  20. I’ve rewatched your drugstore skincare vlogs more than once and love them! But what are your thoughts on the Neutrogena Naturals line? Would appreciate your thoughts specifically on the multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer.

  21. Hi! I want to go to school to become a dermatologist but like, is it really worth it? I’m really discouraged by all of the schooling you’d need to go through so I’m not too sure

  22. The Neutrogena hand cream says it is safe to use on hands, face, elbows and dry areas in general. Would you recommend using it on the face?

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