Best Acne Fighting Products | Dermatologist at the Drugstore | Harper's BAZAAR

Best Acne Fighting Products | Dermatologist at the Drugstore | Harper's BAZAAR

The esteemed Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas takes Bazaar to the drugstore to find the best acne and oil-fighting products available.

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50 Replies to “Best Acne Fighting Products | Dermatologist at the Drugstore | Harper's BAZAAR”

  1. Has anyone tried Fopobiacne Secrets? (do a google search) We’ve noticed numerous amazing things about this popular natural acne remedy.

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  3. I h e uneven skin face, my face comes dark of i use any product bt my body is light please wat wld u recommend as an Derma

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  5. omg when she said i like this line of garnier i was like GET OUTTA HERE THATS THE LAST THING U WANT TO BE USING

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  8. Ummm yeah oils can help with oily skin because your skin is oily because it gets so dry that it produces more sebum oil to make up for the lack of moisture, oils helped me A LOT

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  10. I thought Drugstore products are supposed to be affordable. The products mentioned here costs about 3000/- Indian Currency at average. Also, I have sensitive skin with a bad diet choice, which results in frequent breakout. To be honest, these types of products should be used only by those who actually has acne problem enough to visit hospitals, not people like me who simply don’t care enough about their diet or drink enough water. That’s just wasting money. But! If you are rich and have money to waste, who cares.

  11. U are not suggesting Cetaphil product which is more clinical…and keep suggesting fancy product which is shown on tv.

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  16. My mom is a derma and i have a really healthy skin if you want tips I CAN give you 🙂 PIMPLES AND ACNE OR TO MAKE UR SKIN JUST LIKE GLASS

  17. I once stopped using facewash and simply washed my face with mixing both Fuller’s Earth ( Multani Mitti ) and Gram Flour ( Besan ), in equal quantity, into a paste as a facewash. I got the results in about 3-4 days of using it, i.e. almost no acne breakouts. But! The major con for me was that if the paste touched my baby hair, it tended to dry it like hell. I have sensitive to normal skin so I didn’t face any dryness problem, especially considering the fact that at that time I didn’t use any type of toner, or moisturizer for my face but only body lotion. Also, I felt that making paste daily was a chore, so I stopped.

  18. Hi there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will really work for me? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular acne treatment.

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  20. It’s so hard to be poor, you can’t afford to buy stuff like this when u have severe acne problem. Sadly nobody sponsors me for this.

  21. Hi Harper’s BAZAAR I really loved your videos it helps me motivate and inspire with the products. I want to try some routines someday. 💯💯💯💓💓💓

  22. Ahh this wasnt the best advice in my opinion..ive been to over 20 dermatologists for 15 years ( I Live and breathe acne) with no results and hearing the same bs over and over getting prescribed toxic products (benzoyl peroxide gave me crocodile skin for months, never again). Sorry, I dont mean to bash any dermatologists but ive had no success. If a dermatologist isnt going to take time to get to know your skin, dont waste your time. Everyones skin is different. Mine is reactive and sensitive and oily. I would not use foaming cleansers because they can be drying and strip your skin of natural oils/affect ph balance. Overcleansing can lead to more oil production. I started taking DIM supplements along with liquid collagen + probiotics and that alone cleared up years of cystic acne on my neck, chest and upper back. I use CeraVe wash with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and salicilyc ingredients for my back. For my face, I use Origins Frothy Face Wash (balances oily and dry skin). These two are the best combinations. After cleansing, I use a glycolic based toner (The Ordinary) and sometimes alternate with Vichy Micellar Water. Then I use a hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary as my "serum". Next step, I use Avene’s Cleanance Emulsion for Spots and Breakouts. This balances sebum/oily skin. Next step is moisturizer, High Potency Nightamins by Origins at nighttime and daytime Origins Oil Free Boosting Gel. Eye cream, Physcians Formula Refreshmint. If I have a cystic breakout thats painful, I dab Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Gel. For face masking, Origins charcoal face mask and my favourite is Dr Roebucks Tama turmeric face mask. Once a week, ill use an oil treatment at night that has ingredients for healing scars. Every night, I use a vibrating jade roller to gently massage my face and hold it over for few seconds on pimples (the cooling effect brings down the swelling). I have tried tons of products for acne over the 15 years ive had acne (including expensive spa treatments)..once you learn what works for your skin, start studying the ingredients and buy products with those main ingredients that help treat your acne. Spa treatments, I recommend Photolight therapy or a chemical peel (glycolic is good). My skincare routine has helped heal a lot of my scars and minimize my cystic acne. At age 13, I would get breakouts daily. In my 20s, breakouts weekly. At age 30, monthly and fewer breakouts. Have a regular facial that helps to decongest your skin once every 6 months. Also dont pop your pimples, whoever tells you to do it is bad advice and will lead to years of scarring/possible infection or worse recurring zit. Also, someoen commented that acne is incurable that is actually true. There is not enough research on acne for there to be a cure but I do know one thing that it’s related to hormones. Taking a hormone balancing supplement just might help but wont cure it.

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  24. This is a quick but informative guide. I recommend this acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it) to my buddies starting out on their journeys to clear skin, eliminating acne. I had a nice time reading this and also have learned that my skin will be afflicted with my personal concerns. .

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