10 Biggest Skincare Trends for 2020 🤩 New ingredients, products, innovations, skincare routines!

10 Biggest Skincare Trends for 2020 🤩 New ingredients, products, innovations, skincare routines!

What are the biggest skincare trends this year?? 🧐 On this episode of BW, we’ll be covering the gut/skin axis (hello microbiomes!), an innovative skincare delivery system, stand out ingredients to look out for to help soothe inflamed and stressed skin, the continual rise of gentle product & ingredients, the growing presence of multi-step all-in-one products to help streamline skincare routines; and many more!

We’re generally not the biggest fans of “trends” in general cause you do you booboo but team BW is here for the direction our industry is headed, spot-lighting more streamlined routines, gentle skin-barrier friendly ingredients, and conscious consumption.

What trend are you most excited about? 😍

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50 Replies to “10 Biggest Skincare Trends for 2020 🤩 New ingredients, products, innovations, skincare routines!”

  1. First of all… let me just say… Ro’s dress is so FAB!!! Love it!!! I love how you guys give an in depth knowledge of how skincare works. Can you also provide an in depth review of each product? Maybe start with The Ordinary since they are pretty straight forward but not everyone knows their chemicals/ acids… it would be good to have those type of knowledge too. Love you guys!

  2. I’ve been using the Elizabeth Arden retinol ceramide serum capsules for about a month now. I’ve loved them ever since! Could you guys do a review on these? ❤️

  3. Love your channel, but maybe looking into blue light before recommending blue light filtering skin care,

    Blue light still falls within visible light band, it doesn’t have the same wavelength as uva/b rays, you will find it you are using an spf for shorter bandwidth rays you will find it should cover the longer bandwidth blue light, and as for blue light coming from digital screens, the biggest source of blue light is from the BLUE sky, if your concerned about it from screens just turn the yellow balance up

  4. Hey guys love your channel. I’m interested in whether you guys still use retinols since you said you are trying to steer away from harsh ingredients and stay with nourishing and soothing product. 🙂 thanks

  5. She says “packed with ingredients” and doesn’t even read them. I read them and omg they are cheap and fillers.

  6. MarryMe Hand lotion for females (males can try them as well) ♕
    With Aloe vera, Shea butter, coco, and natural substances made from trees, skin instantly becomes soft and makes a man.. just cannot wait to marry you ; )

    In all seriousness, message the owner on Instagram (link below) to try the product or just call/message the number 7184337532.


  7. Are there other sioris products you’ve tried? I’d love to see a review on their other products. Thanks. Love you guys. I’ve learned so much. My husband asked me the other day if I ever get tired of watching your videos and I said absolutely not. Hahaha love your content. 🙂

  8. There are so many products that you guys recommended so i was wondering if someone could help me find good product to replace it with

    Need a new cleanser that is not harsh and clean well
    Eye cream: Green tea seed eye cream by Innisfree
    Serum: it’s green tea again by innisfree
    Moisturizer: moistfull collagen cream by etude house
    Essence: Advance snail 96 mucin power essence by cosrx

    These does not seem to have a huge affect on my combination skin. I need help since I’m barely into having a skin routine. So I’m really late to the game

  9. Im most looking forward to going back to basics. I feel like a lot of things have become way more complicated and more expensive then they need to be, and going back to basics will be a real breath of fresh air in my life. ✌

  10. *tries to focus on skincare knowledge*
    *keeps getting distracted by Rowena’s fabulous dress*
    Seriously I need that in my life

  11. I’d love y’all to do a "best products from sephora" video. I buy most of my products from sephora for convenience but alot of what you guys talk about you can’t buy from there.

  12. can you film a week’s skincare routine? in terms of what products can be mixed and when do we need a day off between certain products?

  13. Hi Ro and Felicia! I had a question about the Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer. Do you still apply it in the ‘toner step’ (I.e before serums) if planning to use as a moisturizer too? My skin is normal (not dry) so I was actually hoping to use this maybe double layered as a moisturizer.
    Thanks so much!!

  14. Very informative video. It doesn’t look like there is a percentage of retinol listed in the CeraVe product? Did I miss it?

  15. I’m very excited about the "micro-biomes"! I personally have ordered some collagen/peptide powders. Btws, maybe you guys should try some more Japanese drugstore brands like Hada Labo and Aqualabel. They make a lot of combination products and you only need to do like 3 steps.

  16. I have a question about fermented or probiotic skincare. aren’t the benefits/ properties of these types of ingredients automatically cancelled out when you add parabens? Because essentially what you are adding is good bacteria and parabens kill bacteria. Also, if the product has probiotics without parabens doesn’t it mean that it will go off quite quickly, cause its so full of bacteria? unless you keep it in the fridge? Curious to hear your thoughts

  17. I love you guys and how much info and science you guys have behind it all, I’m just worried about certain brands 🙁 as an esthetician I don’t think drunk elephant is the most beneficial brand. Many of their ingredients are not good for the skin or environment:(

  18. Hey girls. I’m wondering if you guys are able to give me suggestion on what product is best used for my sensitive and combo skin? I constantly have breakouts around my chins and lips!!! 😭😭😭 please help!

  19. I wish Glow Recipe would revamp their jars to make the products easier to get out. Their jar openings are too small. Would love body wash and body cream recs. I saw Olay recently released body washes with skin care actives.

  20. great your tips for skin care beauty Thanks.
    I know some skin care sunscreen information.
    • It offers protection from UVA and UVB
    • It prevents signs of premature ageing/acne
    • It is an oil-free and non-clogging formula for a matte finish
    • It helps in hydrating the skin
    • It protects the skin face from free radical damage.
    • It protects the face from environmental effects

    If you want more information : https://simonascare.com/product/sunscreen-oil-free-spf-30-pa/

  21. Very useful video, Thank You 🙏 ladies!
    I am taking note of these products, as I believe you have a very holistic approach of underlining that our body & mind are definitely connected 🌞🌞🌞

  22. re balancing the skin’s microbiom, I’ve been using MotherDirt for a couple of years now and I really really like it. I have an acne prone oily skin and their foam wash is what I use in the morning. The spray is also very good.

  23. I love your channel I’m new but I’ve come on here to learn about skin care. Love how you promote expensive and less expensive skincare products and you give us your opinion. Could save me money or I could spend too much. But I am coming on here more to check out products I’m thinking of buying. Can I ask for products with seaweed though?

  24. great your tips for skin care beauty Thanks.
    I know some skin care sunscreen information.
    • It offers protection from UVA and UVB
    • It prevents signs of premature ageing/acne
    • It is an oil-free and non-clogging formula for a matte finish
    • It helps in hydrating the skin
    • It protects the skin face from free radical damage.
    • It protects the face from environmental effects

    If you want more information : https://simonascare.com/product/sunscreen-oil-free-spf-30-pa/

  25. Still loving you guys! I want to make an order on SokoGlam and was wondering your favorite products from the k beauty collection on that site or not on that site?


  26. Your videos are so relaxing for me.

    I’m a very political person who also enjoys skincare so these videos are my escape from the insane political world we are living in right now.
    It calms me.

    THANK YOU! 🙏🏼

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